Southland Energy Consortium

Southland Energy Consortium

Energy and Minerals in Southland

South Port, (latitude 46 36’ 53” S, longitude 168 21’ 21” E) is the closest port in proximity to the Great South Basin, an offshore petroleum basin of approximately 100,000 sq. km. The port is also closely situated to the Waiau and Te Anau basins located onshore in Western Southland.

The Southland region has extensive lignite deposits and coal resources; the majority of these are located within 80km of South Port. The resource is estimated at over 9 billion tonnes in-ground (60% of New Zealand’s total resource), of which over 6 billion tonnes are estimated to be recoverable. These resources collectively with other deposits located throughout the South Island are a world-scale resource.
Silica deposits are also widespread in Southland. Quantities in the order of 1000 million tonnes may be available for potential refinement, smelting and the establishment of value-added manufacturing opportunities associated with silicon wafer and photo voltaic panel manufacturing.

The Southland Energy Consortium

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South Port is part of the Southland Energy Consortium, which represents local businesses focused on the energy and exploration support industry. The consortium brings together a range of technical and professional businesses to provide an efficient conduit for those companies seeking local servicing for oil and gas exploration. Southland businesses have a proven track record of supporting on-shore and off-shore oil and gas exploration, including the minerals industries. Southland’s regional transport network and port infrastructure are ideally suited to provisioning and servicing future exploration and drilling activities.

The Southland Energy Consortium provides a central contact and access point to the support services available within the region.

The Southland region is able to offer a complete range of support services for the oil and gas industry. The industry capability has been developed as a result of Southland companies’ involvement in numerous large scale projects, both within and outside of the energy sector.

Southland businesses continue to apply their innovative and flexible thinking to the further development and continued maintenance of these projects.

The Southland Energy Consortium’s steering group represents the available regional support services and consists of the following organisations:

To learn more about the Southland Energy Consortium, download the brochure below.

Southland Energy Consortium Brochure (PDF)