Container Terminal

Container Terminal

South Port has an on-site container terminal for import and export of containerised goods.

The container terminal consists of 560 dry and 105 reefer slots. Additional reefer slots are also available in different locations on the Island Harbour, bringing the total capacity to 200 slots. Forklifts are used in the container terminal for storage and delivery, with the ability to store containers 5 high.

Containers are tracked using Jade Master Terminal (JMT). JMT is a single fully-integrated, web-based system for managing cargo needs. JMT features the following: ship planning and graphical layout definition, real-time invoicing, web and customer centric reporting, depot operations, vanning and devanning, empty depot operations, graphical rail planning and road gate optimisation.

South Port is an MPI Approved Transitional Facility (ATF) to devan import containers at the port.

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