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Health and safety and security are top priorities at South Port.

All clients and visitors to the port must ensure they are informed about our procedures and have completed the necessary forms before entering the port.

Health & Safety

Procedure for Visitors

South Port strives to ensure the health and safety of everybody who visits the Island Harbour.

Everyone requiring unescorted access to South Port must complete our online site induction prior to arriving on site.

Once you have completed the induction and correctly answered all assessment questions, South Port’s Security team will be notified of your result. Successful inductions are valid for 2 years.

When you arrive on site, have your photo ID with you and report directly to our Security Watch House. You may be issued with a temporary card while the access card is sorted.

New access cards are $20. You can pay by EFTPOS (preferred), otherwise a purchase order is required for billing. There is no charge for a temporary card.

Please ensure you register your details correctly, failure to do so may result in delays when you arrive on site. Online inductions must be completed by the person intending to enter and access the Port. Under no circumstance should someone complete an online induction on behalf of someone else.

Site Induction

Health & Safety Policy

Safety & Security Guide

Working at Heights Permit


Failure to comply with these conditions of use may result in South Port NZ issuing a non-conformance, which may result in the loss of ability to operate on the wharf and/or a trespass order prohibiting future access to the wharf.

Permit to Work Framework

The Permit To Work (PTW) system ensures that the hazards involved in each step of a job are properly considered and documented. In other words, a set of eyes on significant risk activities; consulting with contractors and workers to verify the controls required have been identified and established appropriate to the level of risk.

Common User Safety Protocols

The Common User Safety Protocols (CUSP) provides port user companies and their workers with clarity about the health, safety and environmental rules and requirements that apply when working on South Port operational areas.

Non-conformance Policy

The Non-conformance Policy has been written to control all PCBUs that work in any South Port controlled operation and common user areas and shall be used in the event of any health and safety nonconformance by a PCBU and their employees.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The purpose of this policy is to achieve a drug and alcohol risk-free workplace by eliminating unsafe work practices caused by misuse/abuse of drugs and alcohol; and promoting and encouraging a culture where our employees and contractors are committed to keeping our workplace safe.

Traffic Management Plan

The purpose of the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is to minimise mobile plant interactions with people and other vehicles within the South Port Island Harbour and to establish efficient controls to minimise the risk of personal injury and damage due to those interactions.

PCBU Policy

South Port wants PCBUs to think about health and safety in its broadest sense, and clearly understand the health and safety environment that we work in. South Port expects PCBUs to be able to explain the steps they have taken to consult, cooperate and coordinate with other PCBUs, and their arrangements to control and mitigate risks.

PCBU Pre-Qualification Guide

The Pre-Qualification process is the first step in our collaboration process. It helps us ensure that we have the right people working with us. All Contractors and Port Users working for South Port now need to register in our online contractor management system before starting work.

Drone Safety Policy

South Port’s Drone Policy defines the rules and legislative requirements for all persons that are authorised to operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drone within South Port’s boundary for aerial inspections and photography.

PCBU News & Social Media Policy

South Port’s Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) News and Social Media Policy applies to Port Users and Service Providers that have a direct or indirect commercial relationship with South Port.

WorkSafe Port Hazard Tool

This interactive port hazard tool is to help people understand the hazards on port, the typical controls, and links to relevant codes of practice and information. Click on the below ‘Ports Tool’ icon to access.

CCTV Surveillance

This policy sets out a framework for the use and application of CCTV by South Port.


South Port must comply with national and international security measures, including the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and New Zealand’s Maritime Security Act 2004. To meet these requirements, all personnel and vehicles entering the Island Harbour must pass through security.

Contractors, vendors, provedores, and other visitors to the port must:

  • Pre-notify the port of their arrival.
  • Bring official photo identification (e.g. Driver Licence or Passport) to show to security upon entry. No photo identification, no entry.

Any visitors not meeting these requirements will not gain access to the port.


South Port Duty Security Officer available on a 24 hours basis:

Island Harbour Watch House
Telephone 03 212 8159 or 03 212 6031
Facsimile 03 212 6033

Tiwai Wharf Security
Telephone 03 218 5999 or 03 218 5656
Facsimile 03 218 5657


South Port Code Identifiers

  • Port Locator: NZBLU
  • Port Identification: 23944
  • Port Facility Numbers
  • Island Harbour and Town Wharf: 1201
  • Tiwai Wharf: 1214
Port pre entry information

Ships arriving into port must familiarise themselves with the content of the Pre-Entry Information document, which provides details on approach and entry through the channel, plus other procedural requirements.

The MNZ Landing page provides information for visiting ships before they arrive in New Zealand:

Visit MNZ website

Ships arriving into port must notify the port at least 48 hours prior to arrival by filling in and submitting the Advance Notice of Arrival form which can be downloaded below.
South Port Ship Advance Notice of Arrival Form (PDF)

Arriving ships must also complete the following declaration of security form.
South Port Declaration of Security Form (PDF)

Contractors, vendors, and provedores are also required to pre-notify port security prior to their arrival at the port, to facilitate their entry to the facility and access to the ship or area to carry out work, deliver supplies, stores, or equipment. Find out more in the Security section.