port facilities

port facilities

Plant & equipment

The following equipment is available for customer use at the port.

Mobile Hoppers - 4 at 40 tonnes.

Washdown Facility for Vehicle Imports - MPI Approved.

Weighbridges - 1 of 80 tonnes capacity 21m x 3m platform. Automatic computer weighing operation. Split Weighbridge.

Pneumatic Unloader - 1 unit, 600 tonnes per hour with load-out conveyor. (At Tiwai Wharf for Aluminium Smelter product).

Wood Chip Stockpile Loader - Storage capacity 150,000 tonnes. Loading 700 tonnes per hour.

Bulk Liquid Complex - Storage capacity 4,775 tonnes. Loading 400-500 tonnes per hour.

Forklifts, Wheel Loaders, Mobile Plant, etc - South Port has sufficient mechanical cargo handling plant to handle all cargoes with particular emphasis on containers, dairy product, meat, timber and general cargo. Craneage is available for hire.

Mobile Harbour Container Cranes - Two Liebherr mobile harbour cranes capable of handling up to 40’ containers with spreader and up to 100 tonnes on the hook. The cranes are also available for bulk and other general cargo.

Electrical - The Island Harbour is serviced by an extensive underground high tension distribution system. Lighting is available in all working areas. Capacity is included in the system to take up new demand as need arises. All systems on the Island Harbour are owned, operated and maintained by South Port.

Fumigation Shed

Log Trailer Hoist