Project Cargo

Project Cargo

South Port has had a wealth of experience handling project cargo for the southern region. In the recent past we have handled:

• Transformer weighing 122 tonnes (twin crane lift)
• Wind farm material including twin crane lifts and a maximum lift of 80 metric tonnes
• Manapouri hydroelectric power station tail race equipment
• Mining equipment including bucket wheel excavators and dump trucks
• Tanks for tallow storage
• A variety of machinery including pleasure and fishing vessels


There are no weight restrictions placed on the wharves or the roads contained on the Island Harbour. The access bridge from Bluff to the Island Harbour has the capacity to handle similar weights to that of all other bridges located on the state owned highways. (The greatest weight recently transported was 122 metric tonne transformers being carried across the bridge.)
Also utilised on the port are two Liebherr Harbour Mobile Cranes (LHM 400 & LHM 550) with a maximum lifting capacity of 100 metric tonnes each (minimum outreach 10.5 metres - maximum outreach 43 metres at reduced capacity) and a variety of forklifts with lifting capacities ranging between 52 metric tonnes and 3 metric tonnes.

For a project cargo inquiry or quote, please contact:
Business Development Manager: + 64 3 212 6003