Cold Storage

South Port owns and operates 3 cold stores on the Island Harbour.

Island Harbour Cold Storage

All stores are open pallet storage for frozen product. No. 2 store can be utilised as a cool store. The following provides an overview of the facilities available and their specifications:

No. 1 Store
Size85m x 40m x 7.5m clear height
Capacity7,000 tonnes fish or meat on steel pallets
Loading AreaInsulated and enclosed 15m x 68m with four loadout doors and three truck unload doors
RefrigerationAmmonia R717
Present UseFrozen cartoned products
No. 2 Store
Size40m x 40m x 7.5m clear height
Capacity3,200 tonnes of carton meat on steel pallets
Loading AreaInsulated and enclosed 10m x 32m with forklift access
RefrigerationAmmonia R717
Present UseUtilised for frozen cartoned products or can be used as a cool store
No. 3 Store
Size28.7m x 16.5m x 4.4m clear height
Capacity800 tonnes cartons on steel pallets
Loading AreaPartially enclosed 7m x 30m
RefrigerationAmmonia R717
Present UseFrozen carton and palletised product

Blast Freezers
Total Volume 240m3
Capacity2160 cartons
RefrigerationAmmonia R717