marine services

marine services

Marine Plant & Equipment

Pilot Vessel - Takitimu II


Two Voith tractor tugs are available for harbour towage, fire fighting and salvage operations. For normal towage the tugs use their own tow lines.

Te Matua


Work-Boat/Small Tug


Syncrolift Dry Dock

South Port has a Syncrolift situated on the Island Harbour
The main dimensions of its lifting platform are:
Length: 40.26m
Beam: 13.4m
Draught: 6.0m
Displacement Capacity: 1050 tonnes

Dry dock sheds are available for repairs, blasting and painting.

Pilot Ladders

Pilots embark on pilot ladders in accordance with the New Zealand Pilot Ladder Regulations. (Accommodation ladders will not be used.)

The foot of the ladder should be no lower than 2 metres from the water. A boat rope is not required. The ladder is to be rigged on the side of the vessel as advised by the pilot prior to boarding, and the vessel must be making way through the water at a maximum of 8 knots, not stopped or at anchor.

Radio Watches

The VHF radio call sign is “Bluff Harbour Radio” calling Channel 16. There is a continuous listening watch on Channels 14 and 16.


Rail Access: Island Harbour Berth 4 has rail access. There is no rail at Tiwai Wharf or Town Wharf.

Road Access: Road access is available to all berths except where danger exists (e.g. petroleum discharge, dangerous cargoes etc.)

Access to all berths is for authorised personnel only and 24 hour security is maintained from watch house.

Tanker Berths

Petrol and fuel oil tankers discharge at Berth 11 and bitumen at Berth 12, both located on the Town Wharf. Midship connections only are used.

Heavy fuel oil for New Zealand Aluminium Smelter’s discharge point is on Tiwai Wharf using midship connection.

Tallow and other bulk liquids discharge at Berth 3A via Island Harbour installation.


Road bunkering is available at the Island Harbour berths only.
Vessels wishing to bunker or transfer oil must obtain permission from South Port before commencing the operation.

Fresh Water

Fresh water is available on all berths. Hoses are available from South Port.

Quarantine Waste

Waste containers are supplied for galley waste only. This is collected daily, weighed and charged to the vessel. Please contact the local agent regarding the per kilo charge. Disposal of other waste, e.g. bottles, cans or engine room waste is the vessel’s responsibility.


Vessels are to use their own moorings throughout the port, all wharves being free of surge. Shore moorings are available at Berth 8 for large freeboard vessels (wood chip vessels).

Survey and Repairs

Repairs and survey work on main engines is permitted after approval from South Port. Shore engineering services are available. Representatives to the major classification societies are also available for survey examinations.