marine services

marine services

Shipping Movements

Check the following tables to find out what ships are currently in port and due to arrive in the coming days.

The MNZ Landing page provides information for visiting ships before they arrive in New Zealand:

Current local time:

Ships Currently in Port

ETATimeName of ShipBerthCargo/L/DAgentETDTime ETDLast/Next Port
GH Zonda4Exch - ContainersMSC21 Jan11:45
Star HarmoniaTYLoad - MetalBain23 Jan1:00
Prince of Tokyo8Load - WoodchipsPacific22 Jan0:15

Ships Scheduled for Arrival

ETATimeName of ShipBerthCargo/L/DAgentETDTime ETDLast/Next Port
20 Jan23:45Stolt Satsuki3ADsich - AcidWilhelmsens21 Jan18:15At Anchor
23 Jan01:30Berge RishiriTY/5Disch - Petcoke Load - LogsPacific27 Jan16:15ETA 1200/21st Jan Shift #5 0915/25th
23 Jan13:45Kokako11Disch - FuelCOLL24 Jan14:00
24 Jan02:15Apex Voyager8Disch - FertBain26 Jan10:00ETA 2200/23rd Timaru
25 Jan15:15Eastern CapeTYDisch - AluminaPacific27 Jan23:00ETA 0500/23rd Gladstone
26 Jan16:00Hellas Calafia11Disch - FuelPacific27 Jan23:00ETA 1600/26th
27 Jan16:45Seaspan New York4Exch - ContainersMSC29 Jan5:15
27 Jan21:30Caledonian Sky3APassengersInchcape27 Jan23:59Snares Island/Ulva
29 Jan11:30Ken Hope8Disch - FertBain2 Feb8:00ETA 0800/29th
31 Jan07:30Tientsin8Disch - FertWilhelmsen3 Feb9:00ETA 27th; Lyttelton / Tauranga
31 Jan19:15ZambesiTYDisch - AluminaPacific3 Feb3:15ETA 1200/31st Bunbury
5 Feb11:30Mega Maggie8Disch - FertWilhelmsen8 Feb20:15
6 Feb06:00Akademik Shokaskiy5PassengersHeritage Expeditions8 Feb17:00
8 Feb01:45Matuku11/TYDisch - FuelCOLL9 Feb14:30Shift 0200/9th
8 Feb06:00Professor Khromov5PassengersHeritage Expeditions9 Feb17:00
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1. Information is updated regularly, but may not reflect the latest changes.

2. South Port endeavors to ensure that all information is accurate, but can take no responsibility for any error the database may contain.

3. Where vessels are competing for a berth it should be noted that the vessels will be berthed on a first come first served basis.