Port Pre Entry Information

Port Pre Entry Information

Ships arriving into port must familiarise themselves with the content of the Pre-Entry Information document, which provides details on approach and entry through the channel, plus other procedural requirements.

The MNZ Landing page provides information for visiting ships before they arrive in New Zealand: www.maritimenz.govt.nz/masters

South Port Ship Pre-Entry Information (PDF)

Ships arriving into port must notify the port at least 48 hours prior to arrival by filling in and submitting the Advance Notice of Arrival form which can be downloaded below.

South Port Ship Advance Notice of Arrival Form (PDF)

Arriving ships must also complete the following declaration of security form.

South Port Declaration of Security Form (PDF)

Contractors, vendors and provedores are also required to pre-notify port security prior to their arrival at the port, to facilitate their entry to the facility and access to the ship or area to carry out work, deliver supplies, stores or equipment. Find out more in the Security section.